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Give to a Fund

When you give to a fund, you join with many others working together to address a broad range of our community's needs.


Basic Needs toward happiness

community & area non profit fund

economic development fund

education - teaching to read & reading to learn fundhealth care & healthy lifestyle fund

health care & healthy lifestyle

Scholarship fund


health care & healthy lifestyle fund

Access to health care in Alabama is an issue in the state. Sixty-two of 67 counties lack access to health care. The state needs 275 primary-care physicians to meet the minimum standard mandated by the federal government and over 500 to meet the suggested level. Lacking access to health care is an area of concern especially in the Lillian, Elberta and Perdido Bay area for those without health insurance. This need is further hampered when a local resident lacks transportation. The choice is sometimes not to seek care. Early detection of an illness is a major contributing factor in lower cost healthcare.

economic development Fund

The quality of life in a community is a good predicter of future economic development. Businesses seek areas that offer access to child care, quality education, health care, police & fire protection, entertainment, reasonable and diverse housing. The workforce needs to be job ready. This means that the local workforce needs to have the skills and talents needed by the business. The Rewards Foundation has identified several economic development programs to create business opportunities in our region.

education - teaching to read & reading to learn Fund

The future of any region rests in the preparation of our young people. At the Elementary School level, “Teaching Children to Read is the foundation of learning”. Insuring that each child develops an appreciation of reading is a gold as over-time, “Reading to Learn” takes over. As early as Middle School and High School, the challenge is to push our children to want more and for them to seek more knowledge. Their success is determined in many cases by their willingness to seek information and knowledge.

Community fund for non-profits & their needs

Our non-profit community seeks to improve the lives of our residents. The Rewards Foundation seeks to support these efforts. By helping to fund the short-term needs of area non-profits, we position the non-profit to have life-time impact on our community. My Community Mentors, as an example, seeks to improve lives of young people by teaching life skills through sports and leadership through community service. The South Baldwin Literacy Council assists adults improve their station in life by providing them literacy. New immigrants learn English as a Second Language helping them transition into productive citizens.