Our Mission:


We empower the community to improve the lives of residents by helping to identify its strengths, weaknesses and working toward developing short & long-term solutions.


Our Impact

The impact of the Rewards Foundation will be felt in several distinct areas. The first is to research issues and needs of our area, network the community and empower those to developed short and long-term solutions. The organization has identified several key areas. These include Health Care (Access); Education; Economic Development and General Community.

The second is to assist area non-profits generate the funds needed to better meet the needs of their clients. In the process, their improvement will help to improve the quality of life for residents in our community. This support includes assisting in annual funds, special events & projects, planned giving and capital campaigns.



Community Card

The Rewards Foundation Community Giving Card is the first program to be offered. These cards are sold to individuals and at least half or more go to support a non-profit in the region. Area businesses offer discounts on their products and services. The cards retail for $10 . The discounts are posted on the website allowing each business to offer different promotions throughout the year..



The Rewards Foundation supports the communities of Lillian, Perdido Beach, Elberta, and Baldwin County.  



Currently the children at Elberta Elementary, Elberta Middle & High School are included in programming from the Foundation. Outreach has included the St. Benedict Catholic School in Elberta celebrting their 100th Anniversary in 2021.


november 2018

“The Elberta High School Band has a serious need. Started last year, the band has 80 members and no uniforms. Each uniform is at least $650. The program has elected to spread this expense over a three-year period. The band has performed well in several marching band competitions, but needs your help.”

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Get Involved

Making a gift to the Rewards Foundation is easy. Making a difference in the community requires more, but it starts with that first volunteer and donation. Ultimately, our success will be measured by the number of our residents that elect to give back through volunteering and their gifts. The Rewards Foundation celebrates “Community Service”.


ask for an appointment

If you would like to discuss your charitable wishes, drop us a line and we will be happy to sit down with you. The meeting will place you under no obligation. The Rewards Foundation does not charge any fees for its individual donor services.

NON-profit opportunities

Non-profits are encouraged to share their plans with the Rewards Foundation. When appropriate, the RF will get actively involved. At a minimum, the Rewards Foundation will post the project on its website.

Make a Donation

The success of building a loving and caring community is visible with the charitable giving of its residents. A number of projects are on-going in the community. To make a gift today, please hit the botton below.