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Create a Fund

It’s about taking what you can give and making it meaningful for both you and those who will ultimately benefit.


Establishing a fund with Rewards Foundation is a simple, personalized process.

We make it easy for your charitable dreams to become a reality, so you can support the causes closest to your heart – comfortably, conveniently, and cost-effectively.

Follow these easy steps, and in a short period of time, your fund is created.

1. Think about the charitable causes important to you. Funds at Rewards Foundation support the broadest range of charitable needs, so whatever your idea, bring it to the table.

2. Review our Types of Funds. It only takes an initial gift of $5,000 to establish a fund ($10,000 for a Scholarship Fund).

3. Review our Types of Gifts, and decide how and when you want to give. You can start a fund with cash, securities, real estate, and more, or a deferred gift using a vehicle such as a trust, insurance policy or IRA. Feel free to consult your professional advisor or accountant for information about tax advantages.

4. Call us at 251-228-9470 to start a conversation. Our Donor Services team is here to help.

5. After discussing your goals and options, we’ll draft the fund document (a simple agreement outlining the charitable goals of your fund and our policies). Once the document is signed and we’ve received your charitable gift, your fund will be established!