Our Impact

The impact of the Rewards Foundation is spread across several distinct areas. The first areas of focus for the Foundation is to research issues and needs of our area, network the community and empower those to developed short and long-term solutions. The organization has identified several key areas. These include Health Care (Access); Education; Economic Development and General Community.

The second area of emphasis is to supporting area non-profits in generating greater financial results. This support includes sharing the Community Rewards Program (Discount Card) and assistance in conducting annual fund, special event & projects, planned giving and capital campaign fund raising.  The Rewards Foundation is available on a consulting basis or as staff with direct operational involvement.


Improving the quality of life in our community is the goal, but doing this is achieved in small steps, not with giant leaps.


Rewards Foundation Projects

rewards foundation Community card

Our first program is the Rewards Foundation Community Card. Area businesses have provided discounts on their products and services. Over the course of the year, the participating businesses have the ability to change their offer to fit their business cycle.

Each donor of $10 or more receives a Rewards Foundation Community Card. The Community card is also available for area non-profits to personalize the card under their name and branding. Participating non-profits receive 50% or more of the fees paid for the purchase of the card.

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My community mentors

My Community Mentors is a non-profit serving at-risk youth in the Lillian, Elberta, Foley and Baldwin County community. Louis Pope founded this organization in 2017 and it currently serves approximately 30 youth between the age of 8 and 18.

The organization seeks to teach leadership through community service. They are registered as a Junior Optimist Club. In December, their ranks grows to approximately 40 children and in March, the numbers grow to 70 or more.

The organization uses basketball as a way of teaching life skills. Each child also participates in the Junior Optimist Club program that stresses community service.

The Rewards Foundation has agreed to serve as fund raising support of the My Community Mentors organization. This year, the RF will develop their corporate sponsorship program, create a special event (February 2019). and assist in grant writing.


314 East Laurel Avenue

Foley, Alabama 36535


Elberta elementary school library project

The Elberta Elementary School library is unlike any in the district. Every child in the school has a 45 minute class period in the library each and every week. For the younger students (Pre-K through 3rd grade), the focus is on learning to read. The librarian and her assistant read to the children. In a few class periods, outside volunteers read to the children.

At fourth through the sixth grade, these students read at varying levels. Conducting a class for these students includes reading out-load, followed by questions and answers and then personal reading time.

The Library requires a redesign to make it more inviting for the students. Just as the class rooms have been transformed to meet the needs of today’s learning styles, the library needs to encourage sharing and accommodate the more relaxed seating arrangements.

Moving the library books to the outside of the facility and creating an open space with special desks, seats and couches.


25820 US Route 98
Elberta, Alabama 36530


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