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Planned Giving

Planned giving is a process that allows you to carefully plan how you will utilize your assets over your lifetime.  Based on where you are in your personal life cycle, charitable giving can play a role. In some cases, charitable giving instruments also can be used to accommodate planning for your children and grandchildren.


Planned Giving: Is it for me?

Planned gifts take on many different shapes and sizes.  The beauty lies in the fact that you control the process and the ultimate outcome. Do you need to provide an income stream for your spouse, child(ren) or grandchildren?  Is so, charitable giving is an option. Do you want to help a specific non-profit or a cause? Do you have one or a number of charitable efforts that you want to support?  These interests will insure that you create a win-win-win scenario.

Leaving a Charitable Legacy

There are a variety of ways you can make a planned gift and create a legacy through the Rewards Foundation. We work with you to learn about your charitable goals and to offer suggestions for how those goals can be realized through one or more funds within the Rewards Foundation.

Planned giving through the Rewards Foundation allows you to establish a charitable legacy, while also providing you with significant financial and tax benefits. This can established during your lifetime and funded upon your death.  It also can be established today and provide income for generations and then support a community need.

Once you are ready to incorporate your charitable goals with your financial and estate plans, we can also provide information to your professional advisor.

The Rewards Foundation offers personal charitable solutions to donors interested in current and planned giving opportunities. When you entrust the Rewards Foundation to connect your generosity with need, we honor your wishes forever.

For information on current gifts, such as giving stock, personal property or real estate, review the Types of Gifts section.