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Community Giving Card

Share the joy of giving in a simple card - the perfect gift for special occasions!


Want a gift that is unique, needs no dusting, has no calories, and is meaningful no matter the occasion? Look no further!

Giving back to the community is easy through the Community Giving Cards.  Purchase a card for $10 to $20 and part of your purchase is going to the support of area non-profits and causes.  


Area non-profits agree to market the cards as part of creating a funding source for their organization.  The Rewards Foundation also markets these cards further helping to support their cause.

The program is very simple.  Area businesses agree to participate in the program.  Each business pays no fee to participate in the program.  Their cost to be involved in the program lies in the offer that they extend to those that purchase or donate to receive the card.  

The donors (purchasers of the card) designate which organization benefits from their donation (purchase).  This process develops a funding source for the non-profit. A source of savings for the donors and a loyal stream of customers for the participating businesses.

Each business is able to change their offer over time.  Instead of extending one offer over the course of the year or an offer that can only be used once per year, the businesses have the option of changing their offers to reflect business trends and seasons of the year.  A QR scan code easily used by Android and Apple phones takes a person to the website where they can view current discount offers. This provides a win-win-win for the business – non-profit – and our donors.

Community Giving Cards can be bought through participating non-profits and online through the Rewards Foundation.  These make good gifts for family and friends. When a card is secured, it supports a worthy cause in our community.  When the cards are purchased, the purchase price is fully tax-deductible.  

The IRS has determined that because no value is provided for the purchase and it requires a person to purchase a product or service to gain the discount, that the purchase price is fully tax-deductible.